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About Nanogate

Nanogate is a leading international systems provider for high-tech surfaces and components.

Nanogate Vision

“Touch us everyday®” – this sums up our vision!

Nanogate develops and produces design-oriented surfaces and components and provides them with additional properties (for example: anti-adhesive, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant).

Our vision is for people to come into contact with Nanogate at least once a day. This could be because:

  • plastic components are given new designs and functions.
  • components in and on the vehicle still gleam brilliantly and are virtually scratch-free after years of use thanks to a high-performance, multifunctional scratchproof coating.
  • outdoor clothing has withstood the last downpour immaculately because it was treated with a Nanogate product.
  • the spectacular cloudscape and the clear view remembered from the last flight was not dulled in the slightest thanks to the robust, weatherproof plastic windows.
  • the morning started with a relaxing shower, there was no need to wipe the shower cabin clean afterwards and the glass has remained crystal clear even after years of use.
  • our protective coating on the road tunnel means it doesn’t attract dirt so easily and so stays a little brighter and safer.
  • the amount of heating oil used is less than expected, since the combustion process in the boiler’s heat exchanger has been optimised thanks to our energy-efficiency coating.


These are just a few examples of what we mean by “Touch us everyday®”. Our vision will also power our next boost in growth. In the years ahead we want the bulk of our growth to come from environmental systems and cleantech products. At the same time however, we will continue to rely heavily on our strategic growth areas of innovative plastics (Advanced Polymers) and high-quality metal coatings (Advanced Metals).

We have a lot planned, and we invite you to join us in shaping our vision of “Touch us everyday®”, as an innovation partner and customer, employee, investor or shareholder.