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About Nanogate

Nanogate is a leading international systems provider for high-tech surfaces and components.

service portfolio

The unique combination of materials expertise going back many years, process know-how and mass production through to finished high-end components opens up a world of high-performance surfaces. Our completely modular technology portfolio with its wide range of surface properties and functions can be applied to different surface geometries (flat or three-dimensional).

Different functions (e.g. scratchproof, easy-to-clean, non-stick, etc.) can be combined easily and flexibly, so that companies can select the ones needed for their product innovations from a wide range. We and our subsidiaries offer you world-class competence in two and three-dimensional surface enhancements. High-tech surfaces for both complex and flat components set new standards for the enhancement of innovative plastics. The portfolio is supplemented by our environmentally friendly products, such as those for air filtration and energy efficiency in new heating systems.

Application areas for multifunctional plastics include improved scratch-proofing, de-misting, Easy-2-Clean® and other functions. The focus is also on plastics with glass-like properties, which enable new designs and weight savings in many applications, such as automotive construction.

Multifunctional scratchproof coatings can also be equipped with additional functions (e.g. de-misting, anti-static, etc.) and Nanogate’s solutions can be applied both indoors and out.

Examples of applications include headlight elements, the B-pillar or interior parts in cars, aircraft windows, kitchen fronts, etc.

Innovative metallisation using an ultra-precise vacuum deposition process (on the nanometre scale) is used for exact light guiding, decorative aluminium metallisation or to produce transparent electrical conductivity. They can be applied to various plastic substrates and combined with additional functional layers.

The range of applications for the Nanogate service portfolio is highly diverse: automotive and mechanical engineering, electrical and automation technology, construction, aviation and communication, building services, medical technology and security applications.