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About Nanogate

Nanogate is a leading international systems provider for high-tech surfaces and components.

Environmental management

We obtained the ISO DIN 14001:2004 certification for environmental management very early on. The raw materials we use, for example, and their effect on the environment are tested on the basis of Nanogate’s environmental management. Products are checked over their entire life cycle – from production, storage and processing through to application and recycling – in order to identify and eliminate potential risks.

This is very important to us. We see the certification as a confirmation of our corporate policy, but also as our responsibility as a leading technology company.

It is also the reason why since its foundation, Nanogate has worked on numerous projects dealing with the opportunities and risks for the environment and health that result from nanotechnology. In addition to EU-funded projects such as Nanosafe, regional initiatives like the Saar Environmental Pact and other projects, we also participated in the NanoDialog for many years, which was organised by the German Federal Environment Ministry.