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About Nanogate

Nanogate is a leading international systems provider for high-tech surfaces and components.

Product management

Nanogate develops products that make a positive contribution to the environment by focussing on aspects such as minimising the consumption of resources or weight reduction. Innovative plastics with glass-like properties and the highest optical quality are in great demand in today’s automotive industry for instance. They offer new design possibilities and interesting applications, while their reduced weight lowers fuel consumption which leads to lower carbon emissions.
Across all sectors, the Group attaches great importance to developing and distributing environmentally friendly systems and processes, whose share of total sales is set to rise significantly in the years ahead. The development of the products is part of Nanogate’s corporate strategy and is included as an important criterion right from the start of our innovation process.

The subject of product safety naturally plays a central role in this context. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our current and future projects, products and services and at the same time to keep optimising the health and safety aspects of our business operations. Over the entire value creation process we endeavour to anticipate the environmental aspects of our actions; that stretches from the selection of raw materials through to the use of environmentally friendly process technologies. Numerous measures and internal company standards, which go beyond legal requirements and customer specifications, ensure the quality and environmental compatibility of our products.

Furthermore, we work closely with respected independent test centres, institutes and laboratories such as Fraunhofer, TÜV, TNO, FILK, ITV Denkendorf, Fresenius and many others to ensure maximum product safety.