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About Nanogate

Nanogate is a leading international systems provider for high-tech surfaces and components.



Management Board


Ralf Zastrau, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Michael Jung, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Daniel Seibert, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Executive Committee

In order to advance the strategic development of the Group, Nanogate established an Executive Committee in 2012. As well as the members of the Nanogate Management Board, it includes the managing directors of the four subsidiaries Nanogate Textile & Care Systems GmbH, Nanogate GfO Systems GmbH, Nanogate Eurogard Systems B.V. and Nanogate PD Systems GmbH.

Members of the Executive Commitee:

Ralf Zastrau, Chief Executive Officer, Nanogate SE
Michael Jung, Chief Operating Officer, Nanogate SE
Daniel Seibert, Chief Financial Officer, Nanogate SE
Holger Zytur, Managing Director, Nanogate Textile & Care Systems GmbH
Gerd Leichner, Chief Executive Officer, Nanogate GfO Systems GmbH
Anthony Lucassen, Managing Director, Nanogate Eurogard Systems B.V.