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Investor Relations

All relevant information about your Nanogate share.

Equity Story

Nanogate SE is a leading global specialist for and manufacturer of design-oriented high-tech surfaces and components. Our expertise makes the products of our globally active customers more competitive. We concentrate primarily on attractive target markets like mobility, aviation, home appliances, interior, leisure and medical. Our focus is on innovative surfaces and components made from plastic. In this context, our glass-like surfaces (N-Glaze) and the metallization of plastics (N-Metals) take precedence. We support our customers in these areas from product design to engineering to mass production. With our future-oriented Nanogate Excellence International (NXI) program, we are currently reorganizing the Group to be more efficient and profitable.

Investment Case: Four Good Arguments for the Nanogate Share

1. Nanogate is a clear growth stock with strong customer loyalty.

  • We serve our customers as an innovation partner along an integrated value chain over many years.
  • Thanks to a high order base, long-running contracts and our strategic orientation, we have an excellent view of the further course of business in the coming years and would like to grow further in the future, primarily from our own strength.

2. Nanogate is a technology leader and is internationally established.

  • With N-Glaze and N-Metals, we offer high-performance technologies, which are in high demand internationally, and are continuously expanding our portfolio of systems and applications.
  • With a strong commitment to R&D and our innovation offensive, we are ensuring that we will remain a technological trailblazer and trendsetter in the market.

3. Nanogate strengthens companies through efficiency and industry focus.

  • With the future-oriented Nanogate Excellence International (NXI) program, we are further developing our corporate organization against the backdrop of future opportunities, generating synergies and focusing on attractive international markets.
  • Our focus is on operational excellence and the targeted marketing of our technologies in major application segments. In this context, our industrial business stands to grow more rapidly in comparison with the automotive business.

4. Nanogate aims to achieve stronger earnings growth relative to sales.

  • Our objective is to increase sales to at least EUR 500 million by 2025 and to improve the operating result (EBITDA) even more strongly to more than EUR 75 million. At the same time, we also intend to substantially increase cash flow.