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Investor Relations

All relevant information about your Nanogate share.

Questions and Answers

The most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the introduction to the stock exchange.
Simply click on one of the questions and the respective answer is underneath.

What sets Nanogate SE apart?

What does Nanogate do exactly?

How is business developing at the moment?

Which companies does Nanogate work for?

How is international business developing at the moment?

What are the benefits of being positioned as an integrated systems

What are high-performance surfaces?

What innovations are planned?

What is glazing?

How important are environmentally friendly applications, so-called cleantech systems?

Is Nanogate involved in any industry associations?

To what extent is Nanogate involved in social matters?

How will the number of employees develop?

Why has Nanogate acquired Nanogate Slovakia s.r.o. and Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH?

What are Integrated Smart Surfaces? Why has Nanogate acquired a stake in TactoTek?

Why did Nanogate acquire a stake in Jay Plastics?

Why has Nanogate acquired a 75% stake in plastics-specialist Goletz?

Why has Nanogate acquired surface specialist Vogler?

Why did Nanogate acquire a stake in Plastic-Design GmbH?

Why has Nanogate acquired Eurogard B.V.?

Why did Nanogate acquire a stake in GfO?

What is Nanogate’s strategy in terms of patents?

Why don’t you publish the full separate financial statements as per the German Commercial Code?

When could a change of segment take place?

How safe is nanotechnology?