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Nanogate Group

As a leading international integrated systems provider we unite a wide spectrum of expertise under one roof, as virtually no other provider can.

Integrated Systems Provider

As a Nanogate Group customer you receive a comprehensive total package for high-performance surfaces and components – from the development through to the production of your new surface.
We unite a wide spectrum of expertise under one roof, as virtually no other provider can. Long-established partnerships, with which we convert innovation into successful, competitive products, are the basis for the security of investment and cost-effectiveness of your desired solution.

Our multiple sites have a depth of proven experience in material development and process technology and can draw on high–performance coating capacities.

Find out more about our competence centers.

Nanogate Electronic Systems

Nanogate Electronic Systems
Nanogate Electronic Systems is specialized in the production of high-precision plastic components. The company serves the entire value chain from engineering, through production to logistics. The center of excellence focuses on Insert Technology, High-precision and Micro-Injection Molding Technology.


Nanogate Eurogard Systems
Nanogate Eurogard Systems is the leading global specialist for coating transparent plastics in two-dimensional forms (flat geometries) and offers a wide range of coated plastics.


Nanogate GfO Systems
Nanogate GfO Systems has special expertise in enhancing valuable and complex three-dimensional components to a high optical standard.

Nanogate Goletz Systems

Nanogate Goletz Systems
Nanogate Goletz Systems offers a large range of goods especially for smaller and midsize, design-oriented plastic components. The plastics specialist has expertise in metallisation and surface enhancement.

Nanogate heT Engineering
Since 1995, heT has worked with several luxury and premium goods manufacturers in the automotive and other industries, such as home appliances. It specializes in the complete development and design validation of complex plastic components of the highest optical quality.

Nanogate Industrial Systems

Nanogate Industrial Systems
Nanogate Industrial Systems ist Ihr Ansprechpartner für die industrielle Umsetzung von Hochleistungsoberflächen, insbesondere von Beton, Glas, Keramik und Metallen. Im Bereich Energieeffizienz unterstützen Lösungen von Nanogate den wirtschaftlichen Einsatz von Leichtmetallen wie Aluminium in Heizungsanlagen.

Nanogate Medical Systems

Nanogate Medical Systems
Ihr kompetenter Partner für die Entwicklung und Produktion von Hightech-Kunststoffkomponenten für medizinische Anwendungen in spezieller Reinraumtechnik mit entsprechender Zertifizierung und Herstellungssystemen.

Nanogate Jay Systems

Nanogate North America
Leading specialist in the production and high-quality enhancement of plastic surfaces and components. Nanogate North America has particular expertise in the metalization (PVD technology) of surfaces and in lighting systems.

Nanogate PD Systems

Nanogate PD Systems
One of the leading European plastics processors with a proprietary technology portfolio, Nanogate PD Systems manufactures and enhances optically demanding plastic components (three-dimensional geometries) for a wide range of applications.

Nanogate Slovakia

Nanogate Slovakia
The center of excellence focuses on the production of parts with additional value added, such as assembly or surface enhancement. Moreover, Nanogate Slovakia has also established itself as a reliable partner for the development and production of small series for the packaging and medical technology industries, among others.

Nanogate Textil & Care

Nanogate Textile & Care Systems
A fount of expertise for functional textiles in various technical application scenarios as well as a variety of care products with Nanogate®-Technology for use in the sport/leisure sector.

Nanogate Vogler Systems

Nanogate Vogler Systems
As a system provider, Nanogate Vogler Systems is specialised in multifunctional design coatings. The existing manufacturing facilities encompass both metal and plastic surfaces.


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