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Energy efficiency doesn't have
to be a castle in the air

A world of new surfaces

Energy-efficient coatings to conserve resources and protect the climate

Why not find out about the cost-effective solutions for energy efficiency that Nanogate offers industrial customers from its range of applications.

Verschiedene Hersteller für Thermotechnik setzen seit bereits einigen Jahren auf unsere leistungsfähige Multifunktionsschicht N-Metals Energy that enhances the central element of a heating system – the heat exchanger – with important additional functionalities. Our coating protects the light metals used, such as aluminium, from corrosion and combustion residue build-up. In conventional systems, aggressive exhaust fumes pollute the heating system with advancing service life and cause aluminium heat exchangers to corrode. Heat transfer is therefore reduced and the heating system’s energy efficiency drops. By contrast, the anti-adhesive function in the coated version ensures that heat transfer is largely maintained.

The heat exchangers therefore not only become more efficient, but also meet higher quality standards.

A special finish for multifunctional filter systems for the industry aims again is to reduce energy consumption, this time in the operation of ventilation systems. With the filter finish developed by Nanogate, it is possible to achieve higher dust recovery without altering the air permeability of the filter material. At the same time the filter’s service life is extended, making it more cost-effective.

This makes the filter more efficient without using more energy.


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