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With a technology portfolio which in many respects is at the forefront of international developments, we open up a new world of surfaces for your business.

N-METALS – intelligent metal surfaces

Whether effective protection from corrosion, durable grip protection or resistant protective layer, N-Metals surface enhancements are impressive both for their perfect functionality and varied design possibilities. Their applications range from home appliance and the automotive sector to sanitary and design products.

N-Metals offers companies high-quality multifunctional metal coatings on a variety of surfaces, geometries and substrates (stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, etc.)

Numerous series solutions help companies generate a competitive advantage in terms of the performance of their products. Industrial applications such as functional coatings on valves, filters and heat exchangers prevent contamination and corrosion. Effective protection against scratches and fingerprints ensures value preservation and easy cleaning. 

Multifunctional Metallization With N-Metals Design

 N-Metals Design

Through its premium metal look, N-Metals Design affords entirely new design and application options for your products.

The N-Metals Design coating process is suitable for all areas requiring premium metall or chrome-look plastic surfaces. The coated components are recyclable and satisfy the highest technical requirements.

  • day/night design
  • high corrosion resistance
  • touch-sensitivity
  • radar permeability
  • translucence
  • create decorative highlights
  • environmentally friendly alternative and fully recyclable
  • increased safety

Set trends with new metal replacements


Our technology platform for stainless steel replacements offers an attractive, flexible and sustainable alternative to stainless steel components, aluminum and other metals, and is used across industries in the manufacture and are refinement of products such as handles, grills, knobs, moldings and other panels.

The composite material components not only look like brushed steel or aluminum, but also feel just like them.

Fashionable colors and diverse surface structures

Fashionable colors

Structured surfaces open up many additional design options, from classically brushed or polished metallic surfaces to a wood finish. Customers can choose their component’s color from a large palette:

  • elegant matte or glossy stainless steel look
  • smoky black metal surfaces
  • fashionable colors like rose gold and more

The design has the added functionality of proven Nanogate technology (e.g.Anti-Fingerprint, Easy2Clean, Scratch-Resistant etc.).

The advantages at a glance

  • Visually high quality surfaces
  • Solutions for various applications (Stainless steel, aluminium, etc.)
  • Broad design and functional range
  • Manifold combination possibilities between function and colour
  • New technology: Plastic and metallisation in combination with surface enhancements
  • Surfaces with environmental advantages and greater efficiency


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