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Interesting facts about the company development of Nanogate.

On this page you will find a selection of several pictures as jpeg file format.

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Ralf Zastrau
Michael Jung
Götz Gollan



Technology / Laboratory / Manufacture

laboratory situation
coating flow method
N-Metals Design plant
coated reflectors
N-Glaze serial production
N-Glaze piano black
production line
selective coating to component with Inkjet
research & development
Anti-fog coating (coated/ uncoated)
synthesis plant
contact angle measurement
test series
hydrophobic surface



Nanogate company sites

Nanogate head office
new company site in Neunkirchen



Nanogate logo

Nanogate Logo


We would like to provide you our download pictures in the context of the current reporting free of charge. On condition that Nanogate is referenced as source in immediate closeness of the used picture.

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