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Interesting facts about the company development of Nanogate.

Nanogate SE Expects 2018 Operating Result (EBITDA) of More Than EUR 24 Million and Sales of at Least EUR 220 Million


- Completed acquisition of the plastics division of HTI High Tech Industries AG

- Earnings forecast for 2018 published: expected operating result (EBITDA) of more than EUR 24 million; confirmed sales goal of more than EUR 220 million; planned investments in significant double-digit million range

- Forecast for 2017 reached

Göttelborn, January 25, 2018 – Nanogate SE, a leading global specialist for design-oriented, high-tech surfaces and components, publishes its earnings forecast for 2018 following the successful acquisition of the plastics division of HTI High Tech Industries AG.

According to the forecast, the operating result (EBITDA) should reach more than EUR 24 million, despite seven-figure transaction and integration costs. As announced above, the Group expects sales to increase to more than EUR 220 million. In parallel, Nanogate is planning on investments in the significant double-digit million range in 2018 for the implementation of the announced innovation program and the expansion of capacities. Because of this, increased depreciation and finance costs will affect the consolidated net income. The Group reached its forecast of more than EUR 170 million in sales with an operating result (EBITDA) of at least EUR 20 million in the 2017 fiscal year.

With the now completed acquisition, Nanogate is expanding its market position in the area of high-quality plastic components and surfaces. Internationalization is also being strengthened. As part of the transaction agreed on in November 2017, the companies HTP Slovakia (Vráble, Slovakia) and HTP Electronics (Neudörfl, Austria) will be completely integrated into the Nanogate Group. The companies will be traded under the names Nanogate Slovakia s.r.o. and Nanogate Electronic Systems GmbH, respectively. In addition, Nanogate has acquired a 50 % stake in HTP Austria (Fohnsdorf, Austria) as part of a strategic partnership (including a later purchase option). The non-cash capital increase to pay the purchase price should be carried out in the next few weeks. The purchase price is being paid exclusively in shares as part of a non-cash capital increase of 275,000 shares at the Xetra closing price as of January 24, 2018.

Ralf Zastrau, Chief Executive Officer of Nanogate SE: “Nanogate will continue on its profitable growth course in 2018. Alongside this, we will continue to add to our regular business and profit from our newly acquired entities. The transaction will have a positive effect on the operating result in 2018 despite the associated costs. Strategically, Nanogate is profiting significantly and can continue its expansion course with added expertise and more locations. With our subsidiaries, we see great potential in the nonautomotive and plastic components divisions in particular, as well as in hybrid solutions with the combination of electronic, metal and plastics expertise. We are likewise expanding our expertise in surfaces with this transaction. At the same time, Nanogate will be investing. This includes the innovation program to expand the good market position with new technologies. This program also seeks to increase capacities in light of the strong demand.”