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Interesting facts about the company development of Nanogate.

Nanogate SE Increases Shares in Subsidiaries, Drives Forward Future-oriented NXI Program


- Nanogate Goletz Systems to be purchased in full
- Nanogate North America share increases to 90 percent

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Nanogate SE: Changes Planned for Supervisory Board


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Nanogate enhances its engineering expertise through strategic partnership with ERBIWA and plans investment


- ERBIWA is a specialist in the development of complex plastic components and sophisticated manufacturing processes
- Initial shareholding of 50% pursued
- Partnership is to lead to a pan-European engineering center for tool and production technologies
- Group gains valuable know-how in the development and optimization of components, profits from additional surface expertise and a site in China

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Nanogate Benefits From Dynamic Order Development


- Sales increased by around 28 percent to EUR 239.2 million in 2018
- EBITDA rose to EUR 24.2 million in 2018
- Dividend proposal of EUR 0.11 per share
- Implementation of the future-oriented NXI program successfully

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Nanogate announces Paul Boggs as Co-CEO of Nanogate North America


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Nanogate Receives Another Major Order for Approximately EUR 50 Million, Increasing Order Base to Over EUR 600 Million


- Supply of N-Glaze components to a leading global premium car manufacturer beginning in summer 2019
- Major order encompasses a volume of around EUR 50 million over a period of approximately seven years
- Order base increases to more than EUR 600 million for 2019 to 2021 alone

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Nanogate Appears at the ISH Trade Fair for the First Time


- Company has its own stand at the leading trade fair for water, heat and climate control in Frankfurt/Main in March 2019
- Focus on stainless steel replacement solutions and smart surfaces

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Nanogate Exceeds 2018 Sales Forecast and Takes Decisive Steps Toward Profitable Growth Course


- 2018: Based on preliminary figures, Group sales increased to more than EUR 235 million and thus exceeded the forecast, while the operating result (EBITDA) reached EUR 24 million as predicted
- 2019: Sales expected to grow even further to more than EUR 250 million
- Due to start-up costs for new major orders as well as one-off expenses for the future-oriented NXI program, a consolidated net loss is expected in the current fiscal year; however, the operating result (EBITDA) should remain stable
- Outlook for 2020 to 2025: Clearly profitable course of growth expected as of 2020 – medium-term targets for 2025 confirmed

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Nanogate: New Major Order Worth Around EUR 50 million


- Delivery of N-Glaze components for high-demand off-road vehicles in the U.S.
- Start of production planned for summer 2020

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Nanogate Expands Its Stainless Steel Surface Expertise


- New multifunctional and decorative properties possible
- Investment attained; mass production expertise established
- Promising negotiations on reference orders
- Future-oriented program Nanogate Excellence International launched

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