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As a systems provider for high-performance surfaces we take our responsibility towards the environment, society and our local sites very seriously.

Key networks

Unternehmen für die Region e.V.

“Unternehmen für die Region e.V.” (Business for the Region) is a nationwide network of a variety of players that provides a platform for discussion, networking and knowledge sharing. Entrepreneurs, politicians and civil society players work together on specific projects where they can learn from and with each other. The network is the result of an initiative by the “Bertelsmann Stiftung” foundation. Nanogate is one of the founder members of the organization.

For more information about Unternehmen für die Region e.V. click: www.unternehmen-fuer-die-region.de

Deutscher Verband Nanotechnologie (DV NANO)

Nanogate is also a founder member of “DV NANO”, an association of various entities from science, business, media, education, politics and administration that are active in the field of nanotechnology.

For more information about Deutscher Verband Nanotechnologie click: www.dv-nano.de/en/

cc-NanoBioNet e.V.

The “cc-NanoBioNet” network promotes nano- and biotechnology in science, research, professional development, application and practical uses. Nanogate is an active member, and represented on the organization’s board.

For more information about cc-NanoBioNet e.V. click: www.nanobionet.de/en


Nanogate support the idea of
the Saarland - Campaign 

Find ou more
about the Saarland and the campaign
(only in German language)


Nanogate cooperates with public institutions in a few selected projects.