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Perfect Glazing

Formed low weight sheets

Increased safety with glass replacement

N-Glaze Security represents a new generation of optically high-quality plastic components. Large sheets of polycarbonate are enhanced using thermal moulding to make three-dimensional components with numerous uses. The multifunctional, transparent surface coating employed by the N-Glaze Sicralan brand ensures the highest level of protection against scratches, weather conditions, UV rays and aggressive chemicals.

N-Glaze Security combines the strong impact resistance of polycarbonate with the unusual abrasion properties normally only found in glass. That is why N-Glaze Security is perfect for heavy goods and special-purpose vehicles such as forestry and harvesting machinery, and police vehicles and buses. It opens up a world of new design possibilities.

N-Glaze Security product highlights

  • High level of impact resistance: 250 times more shock-resistant than glass and 30 times more stable than extruded or cast acrylic
  • Extremely durable with a high level of protection against fracture
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Transparent, UV and scratchproof glazing system: fit for any weather
  • Confirmed in the ASTM D1044 Taber test: N-Glaze Security components fog up considerably less than untreated polycarbonate and acrylic
  • Long-term guarantees