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Perfect Glazing

Transparent protective coatings

As specialist for technical and optical enhancement of surfaces Nanogate supports and advises you in the selection of plastics, coating processes, injection molding and also in the creation of a logistics and packaging concept.

Benefits of N-Glaze Sicralan:

  • Precious, long-lasting value
    Scratch-resistant N-Glaze Sicralan surfaces consisting of thermally or UV-hardened clear varnish increase the resistance of plastic components to environmental influences and chemicals. The deep gloss of colored parts is intensified.
  • Multifunctional properties
    In addition to its protective properties, N-Glaze Sicralan also has reflection-reducing characteristics and the appearance of a satin-finish surface.
  • Highest optical quality
    Abrasion-resistant coatings with high solvent resistance (in some caseswithout the need for pretreatment) and prevention of the formation of condensation droplets on plastic components, thus retaining the transparency.